Friday, October 23, 2015

FCC Announces Weekly Release of Consumer Complaints

The FCC announced this week that it will begin releasing weekly robocall and telemarketing complaint data weekly.  The FCC's declared intention is to assist developers in building and improving "do-not-disturb" technologies but in reality, the compilation of data will provide plaintiff's attorneys with a new tool for targeting TCPA defendants. 

The FCC allows consumers to file complaints with the FCC online, by telephone and by mail. The released information is unverified by the FCC and includes the date and time of the call, the category of complaint and the caller id number.  The spreadsheet does not provide any indication as to the number called and whether it is a cell phone or landline. Financial service companies, including banks and third party collection entities, should review the list regularly to look for developing trends with numbers associated with their entity.

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